September 23, 2017

1942. Two Ignominious Anniversaries for Fascist Italy

Mussolini's Italy Comes to the Fore
"Greek Army soldiers use a rangefinder to target invading enemy Italian positions in the Pindus mountain range during the Greco-Italian War" (source)
Bill Downs

CBS London

October 28, 1942

Today is an Italian anniversary—the anniversary of two events that rank high in the history of world infamy.

It was twenty years ago today that Benito Mussolini made his abortive march on Rome and established a dictatorship that has put a tarnish on the glory that was Rome.

Then it was two years ago today that this same Benito Mussolini attacked Greece. This attack accomplished just one thing. It made heroes of the Greek people and lowered the Italian people in the eyes of the civilized world to depths unwitnessed since the Dark Ages.

It is significant, therefore, on this anniversary of Fascist ignominy, that it was revealed Greek troops are in the battle against the German and Italian forces in Egypt.

This is the first direct evidence of the United Nations fulfilling their promise to the conquered nations of Europe that Allied military might will assure their restoration.

But it is more than that. At this moment, it would appear Italy has become the main military objective in the United Nations' fight against the Axis. Ever since the American envoy to the Vatican, Myron Taylor, returned to the United States, Italy has come more and more into the news.

The RAF has pounded the Northern Italy industrial area. The seas around the Italian boot have been subject to heavier and heavier aerial and submarine attack. Both Britain and America have poured propaganda in ever-expanding force in their radio broadcasts to Italy.

In the coming weeks of the Egyptian offensive, it will be a good idea for you to keep a close eye on Mussolini's Italy. The way the wind appears blowing, the Allies are going to make it as difficult as possible for him to play whipping-boy to Hitler.

For the first time in this war, it would appear that Britain and America are going to try the old reliable strategy of divide and conquer.