May 8, 2014

1944. Rare Footage of the Murrow Boys During World War II

The Murrow Boys in World War II
Caption source: Edward R. Murrow pictured with CBS' London-based D-Day team. Front row (left to right): Bill Downs, Charles Collingwood, Gene Ryder, Charles Shaw. Back row (from left): Larry LeSueur, Edward R. Murrow, Richard C. Hottelet, Bill Shadel.
The British Pathé recently made available for free nearly 82,000 videos from its vast collection of historical footage. This video contains unused footage of some of the Murrow Boys during a photo op in London. While the footage is dated 1943, this portion of the video is actually from June 1, 1944.

The men in the video are the same as Murrow's D-Day team pictured above. By some definitions, not all of the men featured are considered "Murrow Boys," but those featured did work with Edward R. Murrow during World War II.

They can be seen at 3:12 in the video below. The men are: (standing, from left to right) Charles Shaw, Gene Ryder, Richard C. Hottelet, Larry LeSueur, Charles Collingwood, Bill Downs, and Bill Shadel. Edward R. Murrow is sitting in front.