September 4, 2015

Ernest Hemingway's World War II Essays

Hemingway's Articles in Collier's Magazine
"American writer Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) traveling with US soldiers, in his capacity as a war correspondent, on their way to Normandy for the D-Day landings, 1944" (Central Press/Getty Images) (source)
Ernest Hemingway wrote for Collier's magazine as a war correspondent starting in 1944. His articles tell of his experiences in Europe during that time, from D-Day to the liberation of Paris.
"Voyage to Victory," July 22, 1944.

"London Fights the Robots," August 19, 1944.

"Battle for Paris," September 30, 1944.

"How We Came to Paris," October 7, 1944.

"The G.I. and the General," November 4, 1944.

"War in the Siegfried Line," November 18, 1944.

"The Sling and the Pebble," March 1946 (published in the Free World).