February 13, 2015

1944. American GIs in London Send Their Regards

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"Time to relax: Two British-based GIs kick back with a well-earned beer" (source)
Wed./Thurs. 12th/13th April 1944.


BILL DOWNS: This is Bill Downs in London. I've got five GIs and a beautiful WAC in the studio here, and they're ready to go. First here's Corporal Matt Wolthuis from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Go ahead, Matt.

WOLTHUIS: Kalamazoo is going to look mighty good when I get back. I'm going to walk down Burdick Street and down Inkster Avenue, and then I'm going to walk down that middle aisle with Ruth. I've gained 20 pounds since I've been over here. But don't worry folks, those 20 pounds are all in the right places. You can't call me fatty yet.

DOWNS: That's telling them, Matt. Next in line is a flying man from Lithonia, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. He's Technical Sergeant Jack Sinclair, 8th Air Force veteran of 25 missions over the continent. Fire away, Jack.

SINCLAIR: I just hope Helen hangs on to that present she said she's saving for me in the icebox. The folks will be glad to know that I hope to be transferred home in the next two or three months. My commission hasn't come through yet, but I'm practicing saluting like a shavetail, anyhow.

DOWNS: Thanks a lot, Jack. Now here's Private Betty Litchfield, our lovely WAC from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She's got brown eyes and a beautiful smile, and she's a credit to this man's army. Okay, Betty.

LITCHFIELD: I've only been over here a show time, but this is a wonderful country. Of course, it's not like Virginia Beach, and the people talk a little funny. But everyone is very nice to me. I hope everyone sends lots of Vee mail and lets me know what's going on at home. Incidentally, I saw a couple of old "sand fiddlers" from Virginia Beach the other day. They're George Barnes and Howard Marcet. We all send our regards to Atlantic Avenue.

DOWNS: Thank you all, Betty. And now for a Corporal from National City, California. And he's one of the most important men in the army. He's a cook. Go ahead, Corporal Leslie "Winston" Titchenell from Norton Avenue, National City, California.

TITCHENELL: I just wanted to let the Gang on Norton Avenue that the army's gaining weight on my phone. However, nothing very exciting ever happens to a cook. I've been hoping to see Edith Payne over here, but there are so many WACs around I haven't been able to yet. Tell everyone hello...but don't expect me to cook a meal when I get back.

DOWNS: Okay Les, thanks. Now for another Eighth Air Force gunner, from Athens, Alabama this time. Technical Sergeant Lifford French, whose home is on the Bee Line Highway just outside Athens. Go ahead, Liff.

FRENCH: I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about Dad's steers. It's a lot easier riding hard on those critters than riding on the "Touch the Button, Nell." We have a new Fortress now, after the accident in February when we lost the first Nell. We now have "Nell the Second." She's a good ship. I'm feeling great, so don't worry.

DOWNS: Thanks Sergeant. Now out last GI is a top kick from Battle Creek, Michigan. He's First Sergeant Albert "Brandy" Brandimore. Take it Brandy.

BRANDIMORE: The Folks will be glad to know that they finally sweat a new picture out of me. They should get it in about a month...that faint black line you see on my upper lip is a mustache. Susie was only two days old when I left two years ago. But she's still my best girl. Pass along my regards to the gang in East End.

DOWNS: This is Bill Downs returning you to Allan Jones in New York.