August 5, 2014

1944. All-Day Coverage of the Normandy Landings

CBS Radio News: The Up to the Minute Broadcasts on D-Day

At 3:00 AM on June 6, 1944, unconfirmed reports of an Allied invasion of France were suddenly coming out of Berlin. News organizations across the US scrambled to coordinate and piece together live coverage from reporters on both sides of the Atlantic. Robert Trout anchored CBS Radio News' coverage for most of the day, and throughout this time reports were filed by correspondents Edward R. Murrow, Richard C. Hottelet, Quentin Reynolds, Quincy Howe, Paul White, and more. Also included were speeches made by King George VI and Charles De Gaulle.

Richard C. Hottelet's report, available here, was the first eyewitness account of the invasion to be broadcast. He flew in a Marauder over Utah Beach during H-Hour. Edward R. Murrow stayed in London, while his colleagues Larry LeSueur, Charles Collingwood, and Bill Downs all accompanied ground forces landing in Normandy. Because of technical difficulties, none of the correspondents on the ground were able to broadcast until days later, with Downs making the first live broadcast to the United States from French soil on June 14.

Below is a playlist of CBS Radio News' coverage of the day's events. Some shorter broadcasts are omitted due to poor sound quality. It begins with the initial broadcast at 3:00 AM.