May 6, 2014

1961. Downs Grows a Beard

Downs Grows a Beard
Downs in Korea

24 August, 1961 
"Producer Tries to Untie City's Red-Tape Tangle" 
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Viewers of Doug Edwards' news show Tuesday night saw CBS's answer to Pier Anderton (It couldn't have been Mr. Anderton, of course, because he is NBC's Berlin correspondent.) On closer inspection, it turned out to be CBS's veteran newshand Bill Downs.
Reached yesterday in Washington where he is currently assigned, Mr. Downs explained that his full-blown beaver was the product of a fishing trip to Hatteras. "I just let it grow," he said, "and haven't decided whether I'll shave it off or not. But I am not planning to defect to hijack a plane or to invent a cough drop. 
Mr. Downs reported that he alerted CBS News general manager Blair Clark to his new look before doing his insert on Tuesday night's show. "If it looks too bad, you can shave it off before the 7:15 repeat," the correspondent said Mr. Clark told him. The order did not come through. 
Mr. Downs admitted he got a protest from San Diego saying, "for goodness sake, shave it off!" He is thinking it over, he said.
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