January 6, 2014

1943. Operation Kutuzov

Operation Kutuzov

DOUG EDWARDS: In Russia, the Red Army continues its drive on the Central Front after beating the German offensive. And now for a report on the morale of the Russian soldier who has again turned back the enemy, Admiral Radio takes you direct to CBS Moscow. Bill Downs reporting.

BILL DOWNS: From the smoke of the fighting on the Central Front, there has been a strong smell of the Battle of Stalingrad. The (?) bomb pellets on the banks of the Volga today are moving forward towards Hitler's fortress at Oryol. The Soviet high command has found a winning combination of three generals directing the new Russian offensive. Army General Konstantin Rokossovsky headed the Stalingrad offensive, and presumably is keeper of the Russian presence in the area up front. Aiding him are Generals Nikolai Vatutin and Markian Popov. The air force supported Rokossovsky and the Volga fighters.
We know very little about the personal lives of these men, except that all of them are in their forties, and that all of them are (?) as the most hardened infantrymen in the ranks. They are not (?); soldiers in the front line trenches plodding away at Nazi infantrymen on the attack and then patted on the back during a battle. When they turn around they find a general at their side, having a look at the fight—sometimes taking up a rifle himself.
There's another soldier who undoubtedly has played a big part in achieving the Russian successes all around Oryol and Kursk. He also was reported to have been at Stalingrad for a time. This soldier is Joseph Stalin. It has never been revealed just how much of a hand the Russian Supreme Commander-in-Chief takes in the actual battles, but we do know that Stalin has been on the Central Front during this fighting. His latest order of the day is not as the usual Kremlin address.
This is Bill Downs returning you to CBS in New York.